Ogród Magiczny

Day 28: Hen is dressing up and going to her household duties

She has clothes to the kitchen and for a coffee with friends :)


Thank You for thing-a-day project. It was a big pleasure and a wonderful adventure. I want to say good bye and see You next Year.
gliniana :)


Day 27: The hen


The hen (which is my alter-ego:) is preparing to go back to the kitchen, because February is coming to an end. I am really proud of her!

Day 26: The last one

The experiment with little people is over today. I know everything I wanted to know about them. 

Day 25: Little man #3

Another little man. Happy man.
They are really little, needle felted. I am curious what is going to happen next…

Day 24: Little man #2

My dark green little man obviously needed a friend. So here he is. The blue one.

Day 23: Man

A man is sitting and thinking about big things…
and small things…

(I wish I have a better light)

Day 22: apples